Sharing experiences and insights from my life


Sharing experiences and insights from the business world and my personal life story – this is my understanding of coaching.

Life can and will surprise us with situations where it is beneficial to unload and discuss one’s feelings and thoughts with an unrelated, neutral person who functions as a catalyst to get us back on track, helping us to unfold our wings to higher dimensions.

Coaching is a wonderful tool to assist in the unfolding of one’s true potential which cannot be achieved through therapy or instructions. My support is guaranteed to help my clients implement their visions and goals successfully long-term. Together we uncover and deepen the hidden desires, knowledge areas, innate skills and talents.

The process of transformation and change can only be performed in the NOW.

I am always at my client’s side, assisting in deliberating him from hidden emotional obstacles and re-aligning his life with his own uncovered ideas, desires and dreams.

This is done by creating an atmosphere where it is easy to develop and focus on professionalism and the willingness to try out new experiences in combination with a cheerful heart and a pinch of healthy humour.