At LeaderShape we are Developing Leaders in a Complete New Way. Using state-of-the-art blended learning methodology, the development journey progresses from increasing awareness to learning to manage emotions and then to developing performance enhancing behaviours and cultures. This is followed by learning to bring values to full-consciousness, managing the ego and understanding how to make the best decisions and choices. In essence it is about leaders proactively rewiring their own brains – improving themselves – as a precursor and priority over changing their organisation, their people, and the world.

We believe in the potential for everyone to become the best leader they can be. To help you achieve your business’s vision, we take an approach that is entirely collaborative. We don’t work on you, we work alongside you to generate sustainable, measured, organisational performance improvement. We do this through the development of people, so they see their leadership as something that is beyond their ego and in the interests of all the stakeholders of the business. Our approach focuses on the practical ‘how tos’ that enable you to …

  • Embed authentic, ethical behaviours into the DNA of the organisation
  • Build strong, collaborative relationships
  • Create a Performance Enhancing Culture

…we call this Transpersonal Leadership

With the Academy for Neuroscientific Education Management I have found a partner with high quality standards for the sharing of the latest findings in the neurosciences.

Members of the Academy have access to comprehensive and high-quality services for their own activities, such as high-quality presentations in various formats.

Once a year they participate in a science forum where they receive knowledge from the most renowned and well-known neuroscientists of our time.

The findings help in sustainable corporate management, in the further development of leadership behaviour, teamwork and in personality development.

s.e.i. ® stands for “spiritual-emotional-integration” and was developed in 1996 by the German personality trainer Dieter M. Hörner as a personality and awareness-forming program.

“Our many years of experience as personality trainers in hundreds of seminars have shown us from which point in time people are really ready to make important decisions full of confidence on their own: As soon as knowledge is emotionalized, the corresponding feeling is integrated as a resource and their own inner strength is discovered and accepted. “

Therefore the philosophy of the positv factory is the basis of the berlin factory for us.

It is important to us that all expectations, all resources and all wishes that you place on yourself are not imposed or forced by us, but that you feel and integrate them yourself, so that they are available to you in your everyday life.

“You don’t need a teacher who influences you, you need a teacher who teaches you not to be influenced anymore” (Dieter M. Hörner)

Nicole David-Ulbrich
Nicole David-Ulbrich

Sales-entertainer and Business Coach

Actually, we can all talk. Somehow. And yet a lack of communication skills is the main cause of misunderstandings, bad mood, mobbing, even real corporate losses, which are reflected in balance sheets.

And communication is only one part of the soft skills we need every day to be efficient and effective on the road. Our performance depends to a large extent on whether we feel good in our environment. Quite subjectively.

And what do you think? To what extent is it worth investing time and money in this?

TMU VUCA – Consulting


Our world is changing at an increasing rate, outpacing both our perceptions and our fears.

This is referred to as VUCA.

Only those companies that address these signs of the times and consistently use them as an opportunity will survive in the long term!