Hans H. Wiens

  • MEng in communications technology, Polytechnic Osnabrück, Germany
  • 2 daughters
  • 20+ years in senior positions in the IT service industry
  • DQS Auditor
  • Diploma as personality trainer (PF)
  • Member of AFNB (Academy for neuro-scientific educational management, Cologne / Germany)
  • Representative of LeaderShape / UK in Germany

Main topics

  • Management of large, decentralized companies with up to 720 employees
  • Profit/loss responsibility for IT service projects (total volume approx.. €300 million)
  • Responsible for the implementation of organizational change programs and restructuring of large organizations
  • Development of executives, project managers and senior consultants

Your benefits

  • Customised analysis of company’s and employee’s requirements
  • Guidance and development of value-oriented leadership competence and motivation
  • Out of the box approaches to identify solutions and innovative perspectives, combining analytical and intuitive thinking
  • Expansion of key competencies such as:
    – Performance-enhancing
    – Ethical behavior
    – Caring for your own resources
    – Sustainable way of leading 
  • Introduction and access to an extensive network of qualified consultants in Germany and Switzerland

The added value I bring to the party is most visible when:

  • actual need for change exists
  • an honest relationship of trust is established
  • an open and transparent approach between the project partners exists
  • human values are part of the company’s ethics.
  • the change process is being supported by the management